Marda Marble Factory

from Marda Marble and paint processing factory

Our company Marda marble factory established on 2019 with high quality machinery imported from Europe  specially our polishing machine is producing unique and world class quality marble products  as well we organized with full skilled professional on the sector and we have a big capacity of producing more than 400 meter square per a day, Some details of Marda marble factory products are listed below

Tiles of 2cm thickness

Standard size tiles of 2cm thickness for flooring 60*60, 50*50, 40*40, 30*30, 60*30, 50*25, 40*20 cm

tiles of 1 and 1.5 cm thickness

Standard size tiles of 1 and 1.5 cm thickness for internal and external flooring wall cladding: 60*30, 50*25, 40*20, and 30*30.


Standard size of stripes for door and window seals, stair cases, coping of 2 and 3cm thickness: Length from 110cm up to 180 and width from 20cm up to 35cm

In Addition...

WE PRODUCE Free size for counter Tops , office tables, kitchen tops, bathrooms and for other purposes as per customers Preference.

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